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In which the inaugural post is posted

Welcome to my initial foray into blogging. It is tentative — and possibly ill-advised, because I’m not at all sure that my offerings will justify the existence of this outlet. And I’m barely beyond feeling that a blog is a wee bit narcissistic. I mean, really:  Do I actually think my ramblings are valuable enough to flaunt shamelessly for anyone to see? 

No. Not really. 

I do, however, enjoy writing. I find that writing serves to clarify and organize my thoughts. Ideas are often developed or refined through the very act of articulating them. When I write, I do so with an imaginary audience in mind, so I figure I might as well have a few actual readers. Maybe — fingers crossed here — just maybe I’ll actually write a little more. Maybe a blog will serve as a sort of semi-public “journal.” Or maybe it’ll simply be a way to share some occasional thoughts with a few friends. 

I welcome thoughts or discussion (from any of my three or so readers). Feel free to comment. If you prefer email, you can do that as well; if you don’t know my email address, just send your message to [insert any word here] @  [April 2020 update: Just message me on Facebook or something.]

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