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The Occasional Post

It’s Complicated – five years later

It’s been almost five years since I posted a little thing I wrote about dating. I’ve been surprised at the circulation it received and the discussion it sparked. I’m still identified occasionally as The Guy Who Wrote That Article. I didn’t intend to be a one-hit wonder; I do, in fact, have opinions about other subjects as well – some of which may be forthcoming in the future.

But first, a few observations about “It’s Complicated.”

It’s Complicated

When my dad was my age, he was a father of three. I was four years old, my sister was two, and the first of four younger brothers was an infant. I, on the other hand, am not a father. I am not married. Only one of my siblings is married – and all but one of us is old enough that we could be. We are poster children for the new cultural reality of postponed marriage. I’ve heard and read a lot about this in the last few years, much of it from already-married people. There has been a…

In which the second post appears

Yes, this is only the second post ever. No, I haven’t forgotten that I started this thing. Yes, I still mean to post something meaningful on occasion. No, this is not something meaningful. 

In which the inaugural post is posted

Welcome to my initial foray into blogging. It is tentative — and possibly ill-advised, because I’m not at all sure that my offerings will justify the existence of this outlet. And I’m barely beyond feeling that a blog is a wee bit narcissistic. I mean, really:  Do I actually think my ramblings are valuable enough to flaunt shamelessly for anyone to see?  No. Not really.  I do, however, enjoy writing. I find that writing serves to clarify and organize my thoughts. Ideas are often developed or refined through the very act of articulating them. When I write, I do so…